Saturday, August 25, 2007

08/23/07 A Move-in Day to Remember


Wow, what a day that won't be forgotten for years. Aug 23, 2007 move-in day at NIU. Well it started very well and early for me at 5:00am. On the way to DeKalb was a beautiful sunrise and sunny skies. Thankfully I got moved in before noon because not soon after dark skies started to roll into DeKalb. A stop at Walmart turned into an interesting moment. Once inside a major storm could be seen rolling in with intense lightning. As it did a possible tornado was reported in the area so everyone including myself had to go to the middle of the store. The storm came in quick with big time rain and some hail. Unfortunately with such a busy day I had no idea what the weather situation was. It was one of those days that I just didn't get a chance to look at the radar at all. I wish I did. I found out from Andy Bullock back home that major damage was reported in my area and Bradford, IL a town very close to my house. I'll try to update this later with some grlevel3 pics if i can figure it out. However, flooding caused major problems in DeKalb. 6+ inches of rain fell very quick with 4+ in my hometown as well. Break from the weather and rain for awhile and we need it as school starts back Monday. I'm sure the last week or weather will be all the talk here in a couple of days.