Friday, February 13, 2009

02/13/09 Old Man Winter Returns to Dekalb

Holmes Student Center, the site of tomorrow evenings candlelight vigil 02-14-08

After a brief preview of spring last week with temperatures cracking the 60-degree mark Old Man Winter paid a returning visit this evening. A few hours of light-to-moderate snow fell across much or northern Illinois in response to a shortwave with WAA/isentropic lift over our area. Snowfall totals in and around Dekalb, IL ranged from 1-2" of new snow accumulation. However, this was a much weaker system as it came onto shore over the past day thankfully otherwise we might have been "buried". However, I did manage to get out late tonight to grab a few photos to add to my winter collection.

Altgeld Hall on a February night
The Escape covered in the fluffy accumulation outside Stevenson
The Northern Illinois University water tower
Davis Hall (long-exposure)
West-side of campus and the convocation center
(I grabbed this a few days ago, interesting sunset)

Happy Valentine's Day and Forward, Together, Forward as we remember 02-14-08 tomorrow.