Monday, December 7, 2015

11/23/15 November Winter Storm

Gorgeous winter scenes like this I photographed as a November winter storm took aim on the Midwest and Peoria, IL

On November 20-21st, we received our first snowfall in Peoria, IL of the winter season. This was an early season winter storm that provided several inches of heavy wet snow to central and northern Illinois. The event started as a cold rain, but eventually transitioned to some heavy wet snow that seemed to coat everything in sight in the local area. We ended up around 4" inches as our storm total with heavier amounts farther north. I spent some time after the snowfall ended over the next day or two snapping some photos at some local parks near my house. Frankly, this snowfall was quite photogenic due to the fact the winds were not too strong during the storm and the very wet nature of the snow stuck to the trees very nicely. I visited Charter Oak Park and Sommer Park in Peoria, IL within a mile or two of my house to capture most of these dramatic winter scenes Mother Nature provided. I was quite happy I woke up very early and took the time to focus on some photography once again. I shot all of these photos with my Canon 5D Mark III and 24-105mm f/4 L IS lens. I've added quite a assortment of photos from this winter storm below:

One of many spectacular winter scenes!
"Winter glow"
"Winter reflection"
"A winter hike"
One of my favorites!
A winter view at Charter Oak North Lake
"Winter sunrise"
Nearly sunrise here along North Orange Prairie Rd.
Simply amazing!
More of Old Man Winter's masterpieces!
This was one of the heavier snowfalls we have had in this area in November!
Nothing but winter seen here...
 "Sun up"
 A winter landscape!
"A drive through Old Man Winter's territory"
It was a perfect albeit cold winter morning for photography!
 Another winter reflection at this pond!
 Hoar frost after the winter storm!
 A stunning winter landscape!
 An epic winter scene at Sommer Park
 "Winter beauty"
 Look familiar? I shot nearly this same photo this past fall here
 Another amazing winter reflection shortly after sunrise!
 The sun rises on a chilly November morning with temperatures in the single-digits...
 Old Man Winter putting on a show!
 I really like this perspective!
"Two seasons-in-one"
Another neat perspective!
 Great stuff!
 More driving around and taking in the view!
 A winter mess!
 "The sun rises on the trail"
A polarizer filter and the early morning sun-angle providing great colors and contrast!
I was lucky to shoot this winter reflection before the wind picked up a bit...
A shot near sunset!
"Winter morning"
 One of many of my favorites!
 Awesome hoar frost as well!
 "A trail less traveled"
 More winter beauty!
 "The tale of two seasons"
 Love it!
 This would have made for a great spot for a few portraits on this morning!
 The sun rises and it's a matter of time before it all melts away...
 "Winter postcard"
 Another great winter view!
 Winter and an interesting tree...
 "Winter's footprints"
 I definitely found some sweet winter reflections on this morning...
 "Winter masterpiece"
 I shot this same shot only a few weeks prior seen here and what a difference a few weeks make!
 The heavy wet snow did bring down several trees and tree limbs in the area seen above!
 Photogenic trees and a winter landscape!
Sunrise at this pond...
 I was freezing my butt off, but it was well worth it to capture these winter scenes!
 "The color of winter"
 A winter dock!
I love the colors here...
Winter could be seen up and down the hills and valleys on this morning...
I was up just before dawn to capture several of these winter scenes...
Another sharp winter scene!
It seemed nobody wanted to venture out on this morning along this road...
"Winter hike"
Winter atop this hill!
Another landscape shot of a winter reflection...
Mother Nature confused what season is on the calendar!
White and grey pretty much sum up the winter season!
Geese taking a swim on this winter morning...
Man, this was some heavy wet snow!
"The winding roads of winter"
I was quite happy with the winter scenes I found across the area!
My Davis weather station at my house coated in snow and hoar frost...
"Winter reaching toward the heavens"
Fall color and snow...who would have imagined that in central Illinois?
Another winter hiking trail!
You needed some sunglasses on this morning to say the least...
I love all the seasons!
The weight of the snow is definitely taking a toll on the trees here...
Another neat winter scene!
Winter landscapes everywhere...
This snowstorm kept me quite busy!
The sun begins to set along the newly snow-covered horizon!
"Hiking into winter"
One last shot as I concluded a couple days of winter photography...

This early season winter storm really provided me with some astonishing winter landscapes as I begin a few months of winter photography. Old Man Winter surely didn't disappoint me on this go around. Hopefully, we will get some more similar winter storms in the coming months despite this being more than likely a warmer than average winter across the Midwest.