Thursday, January 6, 2011

01/05/11 Christmas: 2010

Home for the holidays in Kewanee, IL

It's been quite awhile since I've found some down time for some photography I'd say. How bout a few months to be exact, but that's what a full-time job and moving away from your hometown will do though. You'll quickly find it's much harder to find free time, but that's indeed what happens when your priorities change in a big way. Currently, I'm living at the Apartments at Grand Prairie in Peoria, IL. I just might be the only weather nerd in the area to have a Davis weather station on the deck of their apartment. If you're wondering you can find my streaming weather obs. on the northwest-side of Peoria, IL here. As far as the winter goes we've had quite a few winter storms to say the least in this area already. I can't wait for spring though and it's only January...ugh! Sorry folks, supercells and tornadoes that you don't necessarily like is exactly what a storm chaser loves with a passion. Anyhow, over the holidays I had the opportunity to do some photography-work and photograph my parents holiday light display in my hometown of Kewanee, IL. I've included a handful of my photos below:

One of our recent additions to our property...our above-ground
pool now enclosed and now a nice skating rink

thanks to good ole' old man winter

I used to live here...2010 was a year of change...2011
I'm thinkin' is a year of new beginnings...

Great example of why you need a DSLR camera in low-light
situations...i don't think I've touched my
point-n-shoot camera in years

Our holiday Christmas lights lighting up this path...
Talk bout' a block of ice in our pool..
you just have to enjoy those Midwest winters huh?

Entrance to the house decorated for the Christmas season
Wide-angle shot of our above-ground pool all "lit-up"
The front of the house!
Simply amazing the reflection off the pool...
kind of makes you wonder if this is Mr. Freeze's lair?

Another shot of the front walkway to our house
Another wide-angle shot...
Another view of the enclosed-pool...
What is Christmas without a Christmas tree right?
Pretty cool tree that pulsates different colors
One last shot of the house from the front yard
An outdoor bench with a Christmas feel...

That's all for now...I've snapped a few photos from this winter already, but instead of posting them every week or so I'm gonna do something different this year. I'm planning on posting a winter collection in the next few months of some of my better photos from this winter. Until then enjoy the new year and some bone-chilling arctic air on the way!