Wednesday, August 31, 2016

06/04/16 Yellowstone National Park

On June 3rd-June 4th, I traveled to West Yellowstone, MT to visit Yellowstone National Park. I left Rapid City, SD fairly early on this day to begin the long drive west on I-90. I've always wanted to visit this park so I spent a few days hiking at this national park photographing some wildlife and the many great landscapes that can be found in this area. Waterfalls, geysers, and hot springs can all be found within the park. This is a beautiful park and it was sure great to enjoy the cool and fresh mountain air as well. After spending a night at The West Gate Hotel in West Yellowstone, MT I traveled later the next evening to Driggs, ID to spend the night at a Super 8. I've added several photos I shot at the park over a couple days hiking in the park below:

Entrance of the park...
"Hot spring"
A neat landscape shot!
Insane waterfall at the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
"When you feel like you are in another world"
Old Faithful erupts!
 "Somewhere over the rainbow"
A chipmunk enjoying an afternoon snack along the boardwalk...
Beautiful clear hot springs
Hot, hot, hot!
Old faithful vertical shot as the geyser erupts!
It was amazing how clear the water was in this park!
A bison enjoying an afternoon nap!
"A geyser reflection"
Insane landscapes!
Now that's some freshwater!
An amazing waterfall!
More beautiful landscapes!
Old faithful erupts which is a popular destination in the park!
This freshwater stream was quite clear and photogenic on this morning...
Chipmunk having another snack!
Mammoth Hot Springs on a hot summer afternoon!
Pretty darn close to the "pot-of-gold" here...
This water was moving quite fast!
Some vivid color here!
Wide-angle shot of the spectacular waterfall!
Old faithful erupts once again!
"It's amazing out here"
So many great locations in this park to photograph!
Snow-cover, summer, and a rainbow all-in-one shot!
More cool stuff!
"The eruption"
Another neat landscape!
"Don't touch"
A wide-angle shot of the entrance to the park!
Amazing colors in this shot!
Enjoying the mountain sound!
"Jump, then fall"
Hot springs action-shot!
A unique photo here...
Another shot of Old Faithful!
I couldn't get enough of this waterfall as it was quite an experience to witness!
Some really neat formations at Mammoth Hot Springs!
Love this shot!
Another shot of this "friendly" chipmunk!
"The element of water"
"Building up steam"
More hot springs!
This is just a beautiful area to visit!
"Lift off"
More cool geological formations!
The active Grand Prismatic Spring
Another rainbow close-up!
"Up, and up"
Quite an active area!
"Hot pools and springs"
One of my favorites at Mammoth Hot Springs!
A neat low-angle shot of the Grand Prismatic Spring
One last photo at the Lower Falls of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone!
The sound of fast-moving fresh water was music to the ears!
"Steam tornado"
Cool colors!
One last photo of a chipmunk I came across...
A wide-angle shot of the Old Faithful geyser!
"Getting low"
One more shot of the geyser!

Yellowstone National Park is an amazing destination to visit! I encourage everyone to one day visit this park as it has some amazing attractions that can lead to an appreciation and fascination with nature. After spending a couple days at this park I headed south to Grand Teton National Park for a few days as well on my summer road-trip. I'll be posting photos from my trip to the Tetons in an upcoming post.