Tuesday, August 23, 2016

04/26/16 Nature & Spring Wildlife

A red-tailed hawk enjoying a spring morning in Peoria, IL

In April, I spent some time photographing some nature and wildlife on my down time in Peoria, IL. I was able to shoot some neat shots of a local red-tailed hawk, an outdoor cat, butterfly, and even some rabbits that found a home in my backyard this past spring. I've added a few photos of some wildlife I was able to photograph this past spring below:

This outdoor cat really wanted its picture taken!
One of three rabbits that have found a home in my backyard!
I was lucky enough to chase this hawk down about a mile from my house...
One butterfly I caught during the early spring months!
I think I've been spotted!
My only wish is that these rabbits would stop eating my flowering plants...
Another shot of the hawk!
This cat was trying its best to persuade me to take it home...
"On the hunt"
This hawk gave me just a few minutes to grab a few shots...
 Another rabbit shot!
 The cat posing again...
One more shot of one of the rabbits!

I'll be adding a spring: 2016 post in the coming days as I continue to catch up on photography posts in the coming weeks.