Wednesday, October 4, 2017

08/26/17 Lincoln, IL Hot-air Balloon Festival

A beautiful sunset amidst all the colorful hot-air balloons at Balloon Fest in Lincoln, IL

On August 26th, I ended up traveling to Lincoln, IL to photograph the Hot-air Balloon Festival. I usually try to attend a balloon festival every year during the late-summer as I always find these events enjoyable to photograph. On this evening, I missed the balloon launch due to the fact I was stuck in traffic for a good 40-minutes along Historic U.S Route 66 outside of the Logan County Airport. Even though I missed the balloon launch I was able to get some pleasing shots of the hot-air balloons as they were set up for the balloon glow near dusk. The sunset by far made the evening even more worthwhile with pastel colors as a backdrop for the already colorful balloons. I've added several photos from this late-summer evening of photography below:

"Everything was black n' white inside; but I'm seeing color"
The balloons rise over the airport!
Awesome late-evening colors near golden-hour!
A close-up of one of the airplanes at the airport!
Some vivid colors on this hot-air balloon...
A really neat black n' white!
"Captains in the sky"
"Touch the sky"
Amazing colors in the foreground with the balloons and the sunset in the background!
A beautiful display of colors at sunset!
Bursting in color!
A perfect arrangement of hot-air balloons!
"Walking on air"
As the sun goes down...
Amazing colors in the sky!
The epic sunset just added even more color to many shots!
A look inside a hot-air balloon getting set up for the balloon glow...
The sun beginning to set on the balloons!
A colorful close-up!
"Feel that fire"
"Sky sailing"
They are all lined-up at sunset!
Winds were very close to the 5mph limit near sunset on this evening...
"Epic colors"
I was amazed with the sunset since I wasn't expecting the skies to clear enough during the late-evening to allow some sunshine...
More color at sunset...
"Fire in a pastel sky"
"Colorful clouds and balloons"
A whole heck of a lot of balloons in this shot!
The sun setting on the evening...
"Candle in the wind"
The balloon glow is getting closer...
Another close-up of some colorful balloons!
Heavenly sunset along with the colorful balloons!
Breath-taking colors at sunset!
More crazy pastel colors across the sky!
"Burning in the skies"
"Light em up, light em up...I'm on fire"
"The night's on fire"
"Light up the sky"
"Fire in the twilight"
The end of the balloon glow!

That will wrap up this particular evening of photography. It was a fun evening photographing the balloons and enjoying one of the last summer evening's of the year. I'm sure I'll be adding another post as the fall colors begin to show across the area in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.