Monday, February 15, 2010

02/13/10 Hoar Frost Mania

Hoar frost and the morning sunshine providing spectacular
winter scenes in rural-areas outside Kewanee, IL this past weekend

This past weekend featured a two-day event of hoar frost in rural-areas on the outskirts of Kewanee, IL. Hoar frost occurs usually on cold-clear nights when objects become colder than the surrounding-air forming a solid deposition (ice crystals) of water vapor from saturated air. If these surface objects are below the dew point of the surrounding air and the surface is colder than freezing (32°F) than these ice crystals may form. The duration also affects how many ice crystals will in-turn form. Also, if you have a slight breeze overnight you can end up with "frost arrows" pointing in the opposite wind direction as was the case in this event this past weekend. If you're a serious photographer you will kick yourself if you miss one of these events. Over the years we haven't had many of these events in this area so I didn't let this one pass-by easily. I managed to fill up a 8GB SD card on the Canon Rebel T1i! That comes out to nearly 1,000 photos depending on what format you shoot with. It was a chore trying to pick favorites to post indeed. Anyhow, I've added what I thought were the best photos of these events this past weekend below:

Cemetery along Rt. 91 showing off the effects of a hoar frost
Low sun-angle creating incredible photos Saturday morning
A light at the end of the tunnel shot?
This is why I'm always hoping for some sunshine after
these winter events (look at that deep-blue backdrop

and how it brings out the photo)

Wide-angle shot of a barbed-wire fence
An abandoned barn and a spectacular willow tree
Old man winter at his best...
Even street/road signs couldn't escape the hoar frost
Great example of "frost arrows" forming by a slight breeze from the east overnight
A similar shot I've taken earlier this season during an ice storm, but this time it's hoar frost
I positioned the sun behind the trunk of this
tree to achieve this photo

Crazy looking sign on this country back-road
Wide-angle shot of a tree line
Talk about a crazy winter event!
More hoar frost in this tree...
This is a valley near a creek
Sun creating some shadows in this tree line
(Canon telephoto-zoom lens)
I didn't take many portrait shots, but I thought
this one was worthy
These events really do capture the winter season the best
Along Rt. 78 south of Kewanee, IL
Wide-angle shot...amazing stuff
Crazy looking tree with an old-school red barn (background)
Rt. 91 sign...this one was tricky so I positioned the sun
the sign to compensate for a glare
Another wide-angle shot
A jet contrail and a winter scene all in one
Thought this was worthy for the "Who dat!" nation out there
their team won the Superbowl
I'm lucky I woke-up early enough on this day huh?
The feathery appearance of the hoar frost can easily be seen here
More winter magic...
It wasn't that hard to find worthy photo-ops on this morning
Tree line (background) and a thick hoar frost coating
Even my outdoor weather station ended
up photogenic on this day
Wide-angle shot along a snow-packed road
View from a few miles away...
(Canon telephoto-zoom lens)
The cemetery yet again...
Stunning ice crystals on this outdoor surface
Morning sun angle providing some beautiful colors
Ever wonder what hoar frost
looks like on a macro-level?
Hoar frost (macro-lens)

Here are a few photos from Sunday morning's hoar frost. However, Saturday morning's hoar frost event out-did Sunday morning's. I've included some photos from Sunday below:

One of my favorites from Sunday morning
A tree in front of the house
Prairie grass and hoar frost
Simply amazing stuff
Our fence along our pasture
Like I said weeks ago our tree line seems to
always produce great photos
Lonesome plant and more hoar frost
 Amazing winter landscapes on this morning...
Hazy freezing fog!
 Another neat winter landscape!
 A creek!
 Pretty cool scenes!
We had more clouds Sunday morning, but it's still fun
to get different lighting schemes to photograph

So this past weekend featured a surprise two-day hoar frost that I'll probably will remember from this winter season for producing some of my favorite winter photos for years to come. That being said, I'm ready for spring as I'm sure we all are by now...