Monday, September 4, 2017

08/14/17 Summer: 2017

"Summertime blues" as summer comes to an end in Peoria, IL

Over the last couple of months, I ended up photographing some summer wildlife and also visited some local flower nurseries in Peoria, IL to capture some summer photos. I also checked out and photographed some local sunflower fields outside of Peoria, IL this past July as well. It has been a busy couple of months of photography as usual as the summer season ends. It has been a productive couple months with summer photography and at the same time getting more acclimated with portrait photography as well. I've added photos from a few weeks of photography capturing the summer season below:

Macro photography at its finest!
"Backyard visitor"
"Field of dreams"
A black-eyed Susan amidst a patch of lavender!
Sunflower macro-shot!
This cat provided a stunning close-up!
Macro photography requires a good deal of patience and attention to detail...
"Don't touch!"
 Gotta love nature macro-shots!
 "Sunflower mania"
 These colors went together on a cloudy day!
 A rabbit on alert!
 Succulents are always fun to photograph!
 "So close, yet so far"
 "Find the one that's the most unique and stands above the rest"
Neat perspective!
 More succulents!
"Nature in-action"
The purple lavender backdrop made a boring photo a decent one!
Another succulent close-up!
Love the pastel blue!
"Natural light"
"Sunflower magic at golden-hour"
 Love this!
Another dragonfly shot!
 Sunflower field north of Manito, IL 
 Succulents loving the warm and dry weather!
 If only he/she would stay away from my backyard plants...
 "Summertime sadness'
"Feels like summer"
 The detail a macro-lens can provided is exceptional!
More colors of summer!
A passing cloud brings more consistent light at a sunflower field...
If you know me well enough you know that blue is my favorite color...
"The dark side of summer"
"Something wild"
 "Nature at work"
 More succulent photography...
 "Shine some evening light on me"
Another macro!
Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers!
Love this shot as well!
"Summer green"
One last photo to wrap up my summer collection...

That will wrap up my summer photos over the last few months in this post. I also ended up photographing the total solar eclipse a few weeks ago and I'll be adding an upcoming post with some photos from that astonishing event in the coming week or so.