Friday, October 31, 2008

10/31/08 Autumn Scenes on Halloween

Holmes Student Center (pictured left) amidst fall colors in Dekalb

Today (Halloween), I ventured around campus to check out some of the "peaked" autumn colors on campus as it was a beautiful afternoon to do so with plentiful sunshine and the thermometer reaching 70 again here in Dekalb. Don't let that fool you for too long. A change is coming! Politically and in terms of the weather. After bathing in a very amplified ridge a deep trough comes through late next week. This could potentially drop a good snow to our northwest and could put us in the line for some thunderstorms as the warm sector arrives and the return of moisture takes place. This storm looks to be the first powerhouse storm for the fall season in the central U.S./Midwest. We'll see what unfolds, but don't be surprised a week from now we have some interesting weather around campus whether it's thunderstorms or a good taste of winter.

Altgeld Hall, the most photogenic building on campus
Spectacular color seen here outside Lowden Hall
Holmes Student Center & MLK Commons autumnal scene
Outside Stevens Building Anthropology Museum
Burning bush behind Davis Hall
McMurry Hall going red...
Zulauf Hall
One of the many scenes you can find on campus
Founders Memorial Library
Fountain showing some upward vertical motion of a different variety in front of Neptune Hall
Holmes Student Center & MLK Commons on this early evening
Overlooking the East Lagoon with a fall reflection looking west toward Davis Hall
 Quite a view!
A East Lagoon log-jam

That's all for now. Enjoy the mild fall weather as it's bound not to last too much longer! My prediction is that we'll get our first inch of snow before Thanksgiving this year, we'll see if this prediction becomes reality over the next few weeks.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

10/11/08 NIU Fall 2008 Part: III

One of the few clouds on this day passes in front of the sun
giving Altgeld Hall an interesting blueish glow

On Saturday, I conceded to the beautiful fall weather yet again. I got back out around campus for a bit to take in some more fall scenes in Dekalb. Enjoy Part III of my NIU Fall 08 post.

Fall colors are peaking here near the Kishwaukee River
A rather deserted campus during the weekends...or too much Jack Daniels or Captain Morgan the night before eh?
A nice 'patch' of flowers outside Altgeld Hall
Bench behind Davis Hall on this fall evening
 Davis Hall fountain!
"A row of fall foliage"

Friday, October 10, 2008

10/10/08 NIU Fall 2008 Part: II

Fall foliage outside Davis Hall

Ahhh...fall. As promised earlier this semester here's Part: II to the Fall 08 post. I used to be annoyed with this season since it meant only downhill weather from here. That's still true with the cold and white flakes on the horizon, but all weather is good weather in my opinion. I suppose when you get older you appreciate the seasons a little more. Anyhow, I spent this afternoon enjoying the fall foliage that is beginning to appear throughout the campus. Not to mention enjoying the 70-degree air that filtered in today as we enter a very amplified weather pattern. Wow, what a beautiful day. A change is coming however (almost sounds political eh?), but next week expect the 70's to be long gone with a fairly strong cold front passing through taking the above normal temperatures with it. Temperatures will return to around normal toward midweek with a rather wet pattern as well.

Davis Hall with nearly not a cloud in the sky except a few upper-level cirrus on this day
"The Castle" Altgeld Hall
Altgeld Hall with "some added color"
The "colorful pigments" starting to provide some color
Davis Hall going red?
Beautiful coloring on this Maple Tree on campus
This is not the so-called bridge to nowhere I've heard so much about right?
Sunlight poking through this tree in the East Lagoon
Bonfire anyone?
A newly harvested cornfield in Dekalb County
They haven't flown south...YET

That's about all for now...I'll re-post if I get a chance to do some more photography over the next few weeks. Enjoy the fall foliage everybody! Oh, and GO HUSKIES!!!