Friday, October 10, 2008

10/10/08 NIU Fall 2008 Part: II

Fall foliage outside Davis Hall

Ahhh...fall. As promised earlier this semester here's Part: II to the Fall 08 post. I used to be annoyed with this season since it meant only downhill weather from here. That's still true with the cold and white flakes on the horizon, but all weather is good weather in my opinion. I suppose when you get older you appreciate the seasons a little more. Anyhow, I spent this afternoon enjoying the fall foliage that is beginning to appear throughout the campus. Not to mention enjoying the 70-degree air that filtered in today as we enter a very amplified weather pattern. Wow, what a beautiful day. A change is coming however (almost sounds political eh?), but next week expect the 70's to be long gone with a fairly strong cold front passing through taking the above normal temperatures with it. Temperatures will return to around normal toward midweek with a rather wet pattern as well.

Davis Hall with nearly not a cloud in the sky except a few upper-level cirrus on this day
"The Castle" Altgeld Hall
Altgeld Hall with "some added color"
The "colorful pigments" starting to provide some color
Davis Hall going red?
Beautiful coloring on this Maple Tree on campus
This is not the so-called bridge to nowhere I've heard so much about right?
Sunlight poking through this tree in the East Lagoon
Bonfire anyone?
A newly harvested cornfield in Dekalb County
They haven't flown south...YET

That's about all for now...I'll re-post if I get a chance to do some more photography over the next few weeks. Enjoy the fall foliage everybody! Oh, and GO HUSKIES!!!