Thursday, September 22, 2016

08/10/16 Hummingbird Haven

A hummingbird visits a feeder at Hummingbird Haven in Smithfield, IL 

On August 10th, I traveled on a hot summer day to Smithfield, IL to check out a place called Hummingbird Haven. I haven't had the chance to photograph many hummingbirds over the years so I decided to take some time to photograph a few on this occasion. Hummingbirds can be difficult to photograph and require quite a bit of patience to say the least. I added some of my shots from the day below:

"Making a visit"
"Getting a drink"
A female hummingbird which usually are not as colorful as the male hummingbirds...
A male hummingbird attracts the females by its colors...
"Hello there"
Hummingbirds are speedy...
"Up and away"
Quite the photogenic hummingbird here!
"The approach"
Cautiously alert to its surroundings...
It was nice to photograph something new on this day...
Hummingbirds are quite photogenic!
An action-shot!
"Hanging on to summer"

That wraps up this post. I'll be posting more posts as I find some more time to focus on photography over the coming months. Stay tuned.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

08/03/16 Glen Oak Park Zoo: Peoria, IL

"The lion sleeps tonight" at Glen Oak Park Zoo in Peoria, IL 

On August 3rd, I also visited Glen Oak Park Zoo in Peoria, IL to photograph some more wildlife. I was able to get quite a few decent shots of several animals at this zoo on this afternoon. I photographed these animals with my Canon 5D Mark III and Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.0-5.6 II L IS lens to capture some close-up shots. I've added several photos I shot at this zoo below:

A photogenic shot of a zebra
A close-up of a Mandrill
A growling Siberian Tiger
One of many Budgerigar birds I photographed!
Quite the close-up of an African lion
A blooming water lily in a small pond...
It's pretty awesome what a telephoto-zoom lens can do...
"Kickin' up dirt"
An amazing animal!
"The beast awakens"
Another Budgerigar bird close-up!
One of several zebras...
A great shot!
Another close-up!
Another awesome zebra shot!
More great detail...
The lion awakes...
"Hanging out with friends"
A wallaby enjoying some shade from the summer heat...
One of my favorites of the bunch!
This one cooperated very well...
Don't awake the lion...
"Hanging out"
"Black Swan"
One more close-up...
Alrighty then Meerkat...
These birds are quite colorful!

That's all for this particular post. On August 10th, I ended up traveling to Smithfield, IL to photograph some hummingbirds and I'll update with that post in the coming days.