Wednesday, September 14, 2016

07/28/16 Summer Nature & Wildlife

A Red Spotted Purple butterfly enjoying a July morning in Peoria, IL

On July 28th, I spent much of the morning hours photographing some butterflies, dragonflies, and flowers at a flower nursery in Peoria, IL. I was quite pleased with my shots on this day as I was able to get up-close and personal with these butterflies and dragonflies with my Canon 7D and Canon 60mm macro-lens. I've added several photos I shot of several butterflies that were feeding and some dragonflies as well below:

Incredible detail on this dragonfly shot!
A summer bumblebee
A neat close-up!
"Butterfly's breakfast"
This dragonfly was very cooperative!
Awesome shot!
"Wing span"
Palamedes Swallowtail close-up!
A Tiger Swallowtail butterfly with a blue-sky background!
A favorite!
A very close-up shot of a bumblebee!
These butterflies were very hungry and weren't too startled by my presence...
"Hanging out"
The detail in this dragonfly's eyes is amazing!
Another close-up of the Tiger Swallowtail!
I found one Monarch butterfly on this day...
Another neat shot!
"Enjoying some nectar"
I really like this shot as well...
Another great close-up!
Quite a photogenic butterfly!
Butterfly bushes sure do attract them...
One more to conclude a morning of photography...

That's all for now. This was another productive day of photography for myself. I was very happy with some of the shots I ended up with after a morning of photography. I also shot some macro shots of some flowers on this day for my summer: 2016 post and I'll add that post with those pictures in the next day or so.