Thursday, September 1, 2016

06/06/16 Grand Tetons National Park

An amazing reflection on a summer morning at Grand Teton National Park north of Jackson, WY

On June 4th-6th, I spent a few days hiking and photographing Grand Teton National Park north of Jackson, WY. This by far was my favorite park I visited during my two-week vacation. It's peaceful,  full of wildlife, and spectacular landscapes that a photographer seeks to find. I hope to one day return to this park once again as I would have loved to spend more time here. After a few days photographing and hiking at this park I once again roomed in Driggs, ID before heading into Utah to visit a couple more national parks. I've added photos of a few days of great photography below:

Entrance to the national park along U.S. 191
Mormon Row on a beautiful morning!
"Life's greatest adventure is what lies ahead"
Some of the wildlife you'll find in this park!
"Storm over the Tetons"
"Wild horses"
Mormon Row is a great place to capture some awesome landscapes with the Grand Tetons!
"Here comes the rain again"
Photogenic barn and the Tetons!
One of many horses on a ranch along U.S. 191
"Mountain sound"
Horses everywhere!
Another great shot at Mormon Row!
Jenny Lake was quite photogenic as well!
I really like the low-angle in this shot!
A photogenic chapel in the park!
"Renewed faith"
Dark skies approaching...
This was a great morning for photography!
Another horse!
A mountain bluebird I was able to photograph!
My first visit to the state of Idaho!
A cabin and the Tetons!
Crystal clear Jenny Lake is where you sure can find peace and tranquility!
This horse was quite photogenic with the mountains in the background!
"Cabin in the valley"
A thunderstorm forms over the mountains!
It was warm in the valley, but as you go up in elevation it was still cold enough to support snow-cover during this time of the year...
Gotta love the landscapes out west!
"Mountain at my gates"
A spectacular reflection at this pond!
More horses...
I really love this national park!
Another stunning landscape!
I was quite happy with the natural light on this morning!
This horse was quite friendly!
A wide-angle shot of a Mormon Row barn!
"Through the woods we ran deep into the mountain sound"
A favorite!
I love this state!
Another favorite!
Another shot at Jenny Lake!
Beautiful weather in the valley, but quite a difference as you go up in elevation!
These horses were great to photograph with the Grand Tetons in the background!
Another barn at Mormon Row!
As a landscape photographer I could spend a month here and that still wouldn't be enough time for myself!
Another shot of one of the barns!
Another wide-angle shot!
A close-up of one of the barns!
"Storm on the horizon"
"The Abandoned"
"Old-fashioned cabin and the mountains"

This national park is quite amazing and beautiful in so many ways. You can definitely find peace with Nature and within yourself at a place like this. After spending several days at this national park I began to head southwest into Utah to visit Arches National Park and I'll add a post from several days photographing that park soon as well.