Saturday, September 17, 2016

08/03/16 Wildlife Prairie Park Zoo: Peoria, IL

"Our national bird" A bald eagle provides a photogenic shot at Wildlife Prairie Park in Peoria, IL 

On August 3rd, I decided to check out some zoo's in the local area in Peoria, IL. I first traveled to Wildlife Prairie Park to photograph some summer wildlife on a hot summer afternoon. I was able to photograph a bald eagle, owl, butterflies, a red-tailed hawk, deer, and a mallard. I ended up taking a few great shots at this park. I've added some of my favorites below:

A photogenic butterfly!
"Eyes looking into the soul"
This bald eagle was amazing!
A deer comes across my path along a trail...
"Summer beauty"
Hoot, hoot...
A very detailed butterfly!
A vivid mallard portrait!
Another eagle shot!
This butterfly was very cooperative...
Another butterfly!
Quite a beautiful animal!
Another amazing animal!
A deer close-up!

I also visited Glen Oak Park Zoo in Peoria, IL on this day and I'll add those photos to a future post in the coming days.