Thursday, September 15, 2016

07/28/16 Summer: 2016

 Daises on a summer morning in Peoria, IL 

On July 28th, I decided to visit some flower nurseries in the local area to capture some macro-shots for my summer: 2016 collection. I was quite pleased once again with many of the summer shots I was able to capture. I ended up traveling to a flower nursery in Peoria, IL and Sunnyfield Greenhouse in my hometown of Kewanee, IL as well. I've added photos I ended up shooting on this day below:

Some vivid color here...
Amazing color!
Butterflies and bees tend to love these flowers...
Summer daises!
"Hot pink"
"Nature's pollination"
A favorite!
"Summer color"
Quite photogenic!
Neat stuff!
Another black-eyed Susan shot!
Incredible detail on this bumblebee!
Some blue's...
Some striking pink...
A nice arrangement here...
An impressive display!
"John Deere' green"
Beautiful shot!
I love the background blur...
More brilliant color!
Another bumblebee shot!
More insane detail!
More pink flowers...
More summer blossoms!
"Morning dew"
More vivid color!
Another neat shot!
More photogenic colors!
Another nature close-up!
"Bursting in-color"
More pollinating going on...
Awesome background blue in this shot!
Vivid orange!
More incredible detail...
"Morning low-light"
One last shot after a productive day of summer photography...

That's all for this post. On July 30th, I traveled to Galesburg, IL to attend the Great Balloon Race. I'll post photos from that event in a future post.