Tuesday, March 13, 2012

03/13/12 A Foggy Spring Morning

A beautiful March sunrise on a foggy
landscape outside Peoria, IL...

This morning, I ventured outside to capture some images of some shallow dense fog that developed overnight. The fog was beginning to burn-off already by 8:00A.M. when I headed outside to shoot some photos of the foggy landscape. It was a beautiful start to the day that felt very spring-like with temperatures already nearing 60°F on a mid-March morning. I enjoyed a nice walk with my Canon 7D in hand and found a few of my favorite locations along the apartment complex. I shot a good handful of photos for about an hour or so and later called it a morning as the fog lifted. Today, was a beautiful day with highs above 70°F! I've posted several photos I shot this morning below:

The sun rises on a foggy landscape on the
outskirts of Peoria, IL
More fog under deep-blue skies...
A beautiful early spring scene!
A sure sign of spring right?!
An even better sign of spring?!
A ghostly fog along this open field...
Another beautiful shot!
Some very dense fog here!
Rockin' Robin!
Another ghostly scene!
Fog can be quite photogenic especially if you catch
it burning-off at the right time...

A foggy reflection...
This was another great angle!
The apartment complex...
Another good one!
A field of fog...

Well, that is all for now. It looks like this crazy nearly summer-like pattern will hold strong into next week so enjoy it since it is mid-March after all. It appears we still might have some "chasing" opportunities sometime next week for myself. We all know how quick that can change though, but it would be nice to get out and test the equipment since I have several new "toys" this year. Their is no doubt I will be keeping a watchful eye on the numerical weather models for upcoming chase opportunities however. Stay tuned.

Monday, March 12, 2012

03/12/12 A Look through the Hourglass...

I shot this photo back in 2010 outside Laura, IL
and now it looks like it was shot in the Old West...

This week, I have had some down time before the spring severe weather season starts in full-force in the coming weeks. With this nice "break" I decided I'd play around with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom 3 with some of my photos that I've shot in the last few years. I decided I wanted to covert some of my photos to black & white and sepia tones to give them a more "old-school" feel. I've posted several of my favorites that I edited below:

My first tornado back in 2004 outside
Kewanee, IL now in black & white!
I shot this one nearly a year ago in the Sandhills
of western Nebraska...
Here's a wind farm in black & white
with a snowy landscape!
I shot this one in Missouri during a storm chase
in 2009 and is still to this day one of
my favorite photos!

This is actually my silhouette on an
August evening...
(A personal favorite)!
I shot this one just last year in west-central Illinois
of some departing convection...
One of my favorite lightning shots that was
just so happen on my birthday (May 7th)!
An epic "old-school" look to this shot!
Who can forget the snow apocalypse during the
2010-2011 winter
in the Midwest?!
A wicked (HP) supercell outside Macomb, IL
in June 2010!
An "old-school" shot of the Sandhills
in western Nebraska...
Another wind farm shot...
An atomic bomb anvil in black & white!
Mammatus clouds!
A convergent boundary in black & white...
A departing storm system leaves
behind picturesque cirrus clouds...
A severe thunderstorm traversing
I-80 in Nebraska!

A developing (LP) supercell!
Here comes the shelf...
I shot this just a few weeks ago, but
now looks amazing in a sepia tone!
And another shelf cloud...
A (LP) supercell outside Aledo, IL in June 2010
A black & white wind farm portrait shot!
An "old school" fall photo here!
An alto cumulus cloud deck!
One of my favorite shelf cloud shots!
One of those shots that has that old-fashioned feel!
Here's another personal favorite!
A monster shelf cloud here...
Pretty cool shot!
One more shelf cloud...
An abandoned barn and wind farm (background)!

That wraps up this post. It's pretty cool taking a look back through the hourglass of time and seeing the images you captured over the years. With that being said now lets start to look forward to spring as we head into severe weather season...