Tuesday, February 28, 2012

02/22/12 Another February Sunset: Peoria, IL

The February sun sets on this
farmhouse outside Peoria, IL

On this evening, I ventured out just before sunset to see if I could capture some more vivid colors as I did on the previous evening in Kewanee, IL. I managed to get a few shots that I was quite happy with, but the previous day definitely stole the show between the two days in my opinion. The colors just couldn't top the previous evening's sunset! I shot all the photos below once again with my Canon (10-22mm) wide-angle lens and Canon (70-300mm) telephoto-zoom lens. Below are a few photos I shot as I returned to Peoria, IL for another busy work-week for myself:

This location is a favorite of mind as it literally
sits right beside the northwest-side of Peoria, IL
This was a favorite..can't help, but thinking
of Kansas with this shot!
Another favorite as the low sun angle
casts a shadow over the farmhouse...
Another wide-angle shot!
Another of my favorites...
One more close-up of the farm!
A cool reflection here...
One last wide-angle shot here...
Geese (heading north) Hmm...

That will wrap up this post. It was nice to get a couple of days of photography in over the past week. Spring is on its way folks with severe weather already picking up in the Deep South. It's just a matter of time before it's our turn over the next few months. If you haven't already start getting your chase gear ready!