Wednesday, August 24, 2016

05/01/16 Spring: 2016

Vivid colors as spring begins earlier this year in Peoria, IL

This past spring, I once again spent a lot of time visiting some local greenhouses to capture Mother Nature's spring colors in Peoria, IL. I was quite happy with my assortment of photos I shot this spring just like in years past as well. I've added several photos I shot from this spring below:

Spring really provides a great assortment of colors!
A photogenic close-up!
Tulips, one of the sure signs it's spring!
Amazing purple colors here!
I really like the composition in this shot...
Feeling blue?
These annuals are always quite photogenic flowers!
 Sometimes a little moisture outside can create some great photo-ops!
Blue, my favorite color!
 A really sharp shot...
 A typical hibiscus
 Love the color here!
 One of my favorites from this spring!
 More colorful tulips!
 A really neat close-up!
Some vibrant red/pink color!
 More great color!
"Spring green"
I love this flowering plants as I usually get some neat shots out of them...
More photogenic annuals!
Daffodils, another sure sign of spring!
A photogenic red tulip!
 I could not get enough of these shots!
 Gotta love what a macro-lens can do...
 Another spectacular photo...
 An odd shaped flower providing a unique photo!
 When you see these trees flowering...spring has arrived!
More blue!
 More neat colors!
 More raindrops!
The detail a macro-lens can provide is amazing...
A nice variety of color...
 A photogenic daffodil...
More amazing color!
Another close-up!
A big fan of the composition of this shot!
A whole heck of a lot of orange here...
A cool shot!
More daffodils!
Hot pink!
More great detail...
 Striking blue color!
Mother Nature's amazing work!
A neat shot!
One more of the many shots of this plant!
One more illustrating the spring colors...

That will end my spring: 2016 collection for this year. I once again was quite happy with many of my shots from this past spring. I ended up storm chasing on May 8th and I'll be adding that post in the coming days.