Monday, August 29, 2016

05/28/16 Victoria, IL Multicell

A multi-cell thunderstorm develops along a cold front near Victoria, IL 

On May 28th, I spent most of the day and afternoon at work in Peoria, IL. After 5:00pm, I headed west on I-74 and north on IL Rt. 78 as it appeared some convection would develop along a cold front. I found a nice spot off IL Rt. 78 to sit back and watch some convection form in the western horizon near Victoria, IL. This area was characterized by 2,000J/kg of CAPE, 0-6km shear near 30kts, and dew points near 63°F. These storms actually were quite picturesque throughout most of the evening as they pushed east toward the Illinois River. After spending a hour or two taking some shots of the convection I drove back to my home in Peoria, IL. Once back home, I was able to sit back on my deck and watch a beautiful sunset and double rainbow in the eastern horizon. Back-lit convection at golden-hour is a real treat for a photographer! I've added photos I shot of the convection and backyard sunset from this particular evening below:

A photogenic storm moving along this Illinois farmland!
A storm develops to my west near Victoria, IL
One of my favorites from the evening thanks to the grain silos in the foreground of this shot!
"It's gonna rain"
"Watching this storm as the corn pops up in rows"
I'm about to run to the car thanks to some close lightning strikes...
Another view of this outflow dominate convection...
The beginning of a beautiful sunset on this evening...
Double rainbow off the back deck!
A closer view...
A wide-angle shot in my backyard!
A vivid double rainbow to say the least...
These storms weren't too strong, but quite photogenic as they dissipated at sunset!
"The sky as a painting"
"If you want to see the rainbow, you gotta sit through a little rain"
Another neat wide-angle shot!
"End times'
I wish there was a pot of gold at my house...
My house and the rainbow once again...

This was a very productive evening for photography for myself thanks to these photogenic spring thunderstorms. In June, I took a two-week vacation to several national parks. I'll update with those posts in the coming days.