Friday, July 11, 2008

07/11/08 Central Illinois Multicells

(LP) Multicell passing to my east into rural Stark County

Some multi-cells formed in a weakly sheared environment this afternoon while I was busy at home taking care of some odds n' ends. Some briefly became severe-warned especially in central Illinois near Lincoln, but that was about it. They did provide a few decent photos however. The main action was in Minnesota today with around 10 confirmed tornadoes-->SPC with a spring-like cold front up that way. I've actually seen some good tornado footage already up that way with some "stovepipe" tornadoes. Looks like most of the action tonight will stay north of me in Wisconsin. However, that could change if development continues southward along the cold front in Iowa over the next several hours. We will keep a close eye on that as they should cross the river around dawn tomorrow morning if the cap erodes in central Iowa. I actually could use some rain around here as it's getting pretty dry here as mid-June to present has been very dry as the rain continues to split my hometown north and south.

A darn right hot/humid day turns dark pretty quick as a shortwave kicks off some convection in west-central Illinois