Thursday, January 8, 2009

01/01/-01/06/09 Macro-lens Photography

It's gettin Hot in Herre?

A few down days before the semester resumes at Northern Illinois University provided a perfect opportunity for some "macro" photography here at home. After all, the weather has been dull as of late. We've entered a fairly quiet weather pattern for the Midwest over the last week, but that will change with some snow and brutal cold over the next few days and week. I used my brand-new Canon 60mm Macro lens for this post. This type of lens is used for "very close-up" photography on a macro level. This is the third lens I've obtained for the Canon Rebel Xti. I was sort of surprised with the results, but I did do lots of research on this lens before obtaining it so I wasn't completely surprised. Below are some images taken with my newly acquired Canon 60mm Macro lens:

Fireplace photography
Incredible detail...
Plasma ball (Macro-lens)
Strange similarity to sunspots...
Another x-ray device?

Snowflakes are exceptionally photogenic. If you end up getting a lens similar to this one I have a good tip for you. Spray paint a piece of cardboard black. (Black) because it will make the snowflakes stand out in the foreground. Next, set it outside for a brief minute or two when snow is falling. The time in this case depends on the snow intensity to collect just enough snowflakes. The heavier the snow the faster the snow will collect and vice-versa. After you've obtained just enough to have some decent "contrast" start photographing. You can also do this on black concrete as well, but of course you'll get some pebbles in the asphalt in some of your photos. This lens is a good future investment to photograph: snowflakes, ice storms, insects, and spring nature photos. I'll be definitely looking forward to using this more this spring.