Monday, April 27, 2009

04/23/09 MCV's Lightning Show

A MCV responsible for an evening of intense CG lightning

Well here is the first of many posts after some opportunities presented themselves over the past few days as I headed home for some obligations I needed to attend to. It actually, worked out quite well as convection seemed to find me each day since Thursday. Finally tonight, I have some time to sit down and shift through 3 days of events. Let's get started shall we? Thursday, a MCV (Mesoscale Convective Vortex) was moving into central Illinois during the late-afternoon and evening hours requiring the SPC (Storm Prediction Center) to issue a SLGT risk by 3:00pm. As this MCV was moving in an area with moderate instability thunderstorms began to develop to my southwest moving northeast. I noticed this MCV on visible satellite imagery around noon-ish and it peaked my interest for later in the day. I chose to stay at my home base of Kewanee, IL on this day since I wasn't in a bad spot to watch the show.

Thunderstorms near severe-criteria moving in from the west (notice apparent hail shaft)
Storm moving overhead at this point as I wait patiently for the "lightning show"

That's all for this event. Spring is definitely here and it was nice to see a good lightning show after months being cooped up indoors to say the least. More to come...