Thursday, August 20, 2009

08/20/09 Photogenic Local Thunderstorms

Thunderstorm showing off its picturesque nature
southeast of Kewanee, IL

Today, a few thunderstorms developed locally around 7:00pm during peak heating across Illinois and provided a few picturesque photos in the western horizon. Just enough moisture was present in the low-levels combined with surface heating and cold-air aloft which aided in the development of these storms near sunset. I added a few photos below including a quick time-lapse:

First view of the thunderstorm as it approaches
Beautiful intense rain shaft with this storm
thanks to some awesome contrast
Thunderstorm actually strengthens upon arrival,
but still below severe-criteria
Rain shaft and outflow nearly overhead
An easy find across from the front porch...rainbow!
Another cell at sunset to my south
with some mammatus under the anvil

YouTube time-lapse (above)