Sunday, August 10, 2014

07/28/14 Wildlife Prairie Park Zoo: Peoria, IL

On July 28th, I ventured out during the morning and early afternoon to a local zoo about 15-minutes  from my apartment. I visited this zoo quite a bit when I was a child, but haven't been back in quite some time. Since I've been looking for new subjects to photograph as of late I decided to head back to Wildlife Prairie Park Zoo near Edwards, IL on this day while enjoying the beautiful summer weather. Unfortunately, despite the great weather a lot of the animals at this zoo seemed to not want to "play" in front of my camera on this morning and afternoon. With that being said, I did manage to get a few good shots here and there. Since most of the animals weren't cooperating in front of my camera I spent at least a hour or two in the butterfly house at this zoo. Over the last few weeks, I had already captured some great photos of butterflies at other local parks. On this day though monarch butterflies were plentiful and much easier to photograph in this particular setting so I couldn't pass up a good opportunity. I was quite pleased with several photos I shot in this butterfly house! Once it neared mid-afternoon I headed back to Peoria, IL to relax for the rest of the day. I've added photos I shot at this local zoo below:

 One of the many photogenic butterflies in this zoo's butterfly house!
 Monarch butterflies are endangered unfortunately...
 A goat posing for a quick photo!
A rather pleasing shot!
 Our national bird, the bald eagle!
 I absolutely love this shot!
 Lots of wildlife here including bison grazing!
 An up-close and personal monarch butterfly...
 A sheep posing for a photo...
 A photogenic portrait orientation shot!
 This chicken was very noisy...
 Another monarch butterfly...
 This monarch can be clearly seen enjoying some nectar!
 Another photogenic butterfly!
 A duck, "quack...quack...quack Mr. Ducksworth"!
 I've photographed lots of butterflies this year...
 A rather colorful shot!

That's all for now. I'll be posting once again rather soon since I visited another local zoo on July 29th as well. I'll update with that post at a later date.