Wednesday, December 17, 2008

12/17/08 The Calm Before the Storm

An icicle this afternoon, a preview to tomorrows ice storm...

Here's a few images I grabbed this morning and afternoon from last nights fluffy 2" of new snow accumulation here just outside of Kewanee, IL. Yesterday's system produced a good swath of 3-6" from an Aledo, IL-to-Sterling, IL line here in west-central Illinois and also areas near Chicago didn't get left out with some lake-enhanced banding that put down a few inches of snow as well. This last system will prove to have major implications on tomorrow nights major winter storm and ice storm that takes shape currently in the south-western U.S. This morning I was kind of annoyed with the clouds hanging around, but finally by afternoon things cleared out enough to get some photo opportunities as the sun beamed down on the fresh snow cover which is what I was hoping for. The calm before the storm?

Our outdoor lighthouse this morning...
I suppose Midwest winters can seem like New England and it does in this case

Another typical view this morning
An afternoon shot as the sun sets on some powdery snow drifts
Same picture just in the afternoon with the changed sun-angle
Sunrise this morning over the fresh "blanket"
The previously mentioned "blanket"
Luckily, we have a generator or we might be using
these indefinitely in the projected ice storm to stay warm

That's all for the time-being. Keep checking my blog for updates after the ice storm if I'm able to venture out to see the after effects. Also, don't forget to keep checking my forecast discussion page every once and awhile for updates especially with approaching winter storms and ice storms that affect west-central and Northern Illinois.