Monday, December 22, 2008

12/22/08 Ice Storm Part: III

Glistening row of trees still showing the effects of last weeks ice storm

After another frigid night in the Midwest's "ice-box" I found magnificent blue skies this afternoon to add some more pictures to my ice storm collection. Here's a few more images I was able to grab of today's "favorites".

Picturesque scene still left from the ice storm last week
Incredible what old man winter can really do
After effects from yesterdays "ground blizzard"
Effects of a deep freeze...
A rather mangled barbed-wire fence in the snow pack
A different perspective...
"Snow-blasted" evergreen tree
Snow-drifted pasture

More snow is on the way with a solid 3-7" of snow being expected depending on your location by Thursday morning. As if we haven't had enough sleet and ice down here we're expecting a wintry mix in Kewanee, IL. I expect most of the precipitation in the form of sleet and snow however. It will look even more like Antarctica across the Midwest. Chance of a white Christmas 100% folks.