Tuesday, July 9, 2013

05/17/13 Badlands of South Dakota

A morning of photography at Badlands National Park south of Wall, SD
On May 17th, I spent most of the morning once again at Badlands National Park outside Wall, SD enjoying the warm temperatures and photographing the park. I didn't have much time on this day to stay in the park since I had some chase targets for later in the afternoon to consider. With that being said, I had a couple of hours to find some more photogenic scenes. Later, I ended up in Nebraska chasing some severe convection during the evening. I've added photos from the morning in South Dakota below:

"Everyday is a winding road"
A great spring morning for photography!
A neat perspective here!
A polarized-filter really helped to deepen the blue sky...
Some of the wildlife that can be found in the park...
Another cool perspective driving though the park!
A photogenic trail! (looking west)
Beautiful scenes like this everywhere!
I had to watch out for rattle snakes but I saw this lonesome
rock that seemed out of place here and it seemed to really
add to the photo...
I got the idea to "get low" to get a different perspective
and as you can tell by the results...it was a great decision!
"Stairway to the Badlands"
Another beautiful landscape!
One more shot as I pack up the gear to get on the road in
hopes of finding some good storms to chase...

It's always fun and refreshing to visit this park. It's pretty much an annual trip for myself these days. I'll update with another post regarding the afternoon chase at a later date as I continue to get caught up on posts. Stay tuned.