Saturday, January 30, 2010

01/29/10 Notre Dame University

The "Golden-Dome" one of the most recognized campus
landmarks at the University of Notre Dame

Thursday, was a travel day to South Bend, IN. After a much needed nights sleep Friday we made a stop to the famous University of Notre Dame campus in South Bend, IN. It's one of the most prestigious colleges in all the land. Other than dodging some lake-effect snow that accumulated to 1-3" inches and withstanding some arctic chill during the visit the trip went pretty smoothly. Actually, this trip was my first taste of lake-effect snow as well. Of course, being at a venue as prestigious as this one I brought along my Canon T1i DSLR to photograph the campus landmarks. I must say I was impressed with their campus and the individuals that are given the opportunity to attend this university are sure blessed. On a interesting side note, campus visitor parking was cheaper at this prestigious university than my Alma mater Northern Illinois University. What's up with that now?! Anyhow, the last visit to the state of Indiana for myself was back in 2007 during a fall tornado outbreak so it has been awhile since I have revisited Indiana. I've included some photos of the campus below:

We're in Irish country no doubt...
Basilica of the Sacred Heart
Bet this campus is pretty well lit-up come nightfall
Wide-angle shot of the stadium entrance
Entrance to the main campus amidst lake-effect snow flakes
Wide-angle shot of the golden-dome...
(I'm gonna have to come back here for fall photos at some point)
"Touchdown Jesus"
Statue of Lou Holtz along the stadium entrance
Notre Dame football
Another wide-angle shot from the quad

As far as the weather goes...looks like a light snowfall early this week followed by another system toward next weekend. That system next weekend could bring some accumulating snow as well, but way too early to make any projections on snowfall amounts in this area, but something to keep a watchful eye on in the coming days...