Tuesday, June 8, 2010

06/02/10 Twilight Convection

Convection northeast of Kewanee, IL along
a weakening cold front at twilight

On Wednesday, a weak cold front moved into the local-area and as the sun began to set convection began to fire along this weak boundary in the northwest horizon. After giving the radar a quick glance I headed out to do some twilight photography which I rarely get an opportunity to do. Since this convection was in the area and moving overhead it was easy to justify doing some more photography. This convection never became severe, but it was a good way to sharpen-up on some photography however. I've added a few photos from the evening below:

Cold front at sunset (Canon telephoto-zoom lens)
Convection building along the front as the sun dips
lower and lower in the horizon

Twilight photo as the convection moves into Kewanee, IL
illuminated by the city lights
Unfortunately, these storms didn't have many
cloud-to-ground stokes...argh!
Sharp contrast in weather though I'd say...

Here's an animation of the convection with my still photographs (above)
Yet another animation as the convection moves overhead (above)

Stay tuned for another post regarding the supercells and tornadoes in west-central Illinois from Saturday that struck a good portion of the surrounding-area in the coming days...