Friday, September 14, 2012

09/05/12 Shelf Cloud at Sunrise

Stormy skies near sunrise at the apartment
complex in Peoria, IL

On September 5th, I woke up early near sunrise to capture some convection that was moving in from the northwest. This Mesoscale Convective System (MCS) sent out a nice gust front with its shelf cloud at sunrise followed by another shelf cloud ahead of the main line of convection. This MCS quickly dissipated however as it approached Peoria, IL but I was able to grab a couple of photos out of the morning. The morning convection complicated the forecast though as I was eyeballing a possible afternoon chase the previous night based off some of the numerical weather models. Unfortunately, the morning convection put a "lid" on things so to speak during the afternoon on this day. I've added a couple of photos however that I shot from the morning below:

First shelf cloud (right) followed by this overtaking
shelf cloud (left) at sunrise...
I captured a few decent scenes as the stormy skies
were overhead of the apartment complex for some time...
Shelf cloud (left) passing over the apartment complex...

I was hoping to chase later in the afternoon on this day, but the "cap" (warm-layer aloft) put a lid on any worthy convection during the afternoon and evening so I stayed put. I did chase "briefly" a couple days later however. Stay tuned for that later post.