Friday, September 14, 2012

08/25/12 Thunder...One Year Later

Thunder, now 1-year old hanging out at
my apartment in Peoria, IL

Over the last month, I have shot a few photos of my pet Thunder marking his "growth" one year later after being adopted. He is no longer a kitten as he is all grown-up. It's quite interesting to compare the photos exactly 1 year apart seen here. He was weighed at 11lbs at his last check-up earlier this month. Thunder is still as energetic as he was when I first picked him out of the bunch of course even though he's no longer a kitten. He still always finds time to play around with his toys, absolutely loves raindrops hitting the window, and most of all goes crazy watching snowflakes in the winter months. Sounds like a weather watcher to me. I've added a few photos below that were among my favorites:

Sometimes it's harder to get "people" to
pose for the camera as good as this cat does...
 Absolutely adorable right?
 He's quite a photogenic cat!
 A cool shot here with the "blurred" background...
 One of his "lazy days"...
 Close-up of the trouble-maker!
 Another great shot of Thunder hanging out...

That will wrap up this short post. I'm working on a few other posts from the past few weeks. Stay tuned for those.