Saturday, July 5, 2014

06/27/14 Rainbow

 A pulse thunderstorm begins to collapse as a rainbow forms northwest of Peoria, IL 

On June 27th, there wasn't a real threat of severe weather of any kind locally, but a few summer pulse thunderstorms developed during peak heating near Peoria, IL. Once when one of these storm's moved closer to my apartment complex I took the camera's out hoping to capture a photogenic scene or two. I was able to dodge all the precip from this thunderstorm as I photographed it from a few miles away. I was hoping some sunshine to its west would provide a rainbow during the early evening as it moved north. I was quite happy as a rainbow indeed appeared. making a good half hour of watching this ordinary thunderstorm worth it. I've added a few photos I shot of a dying thunderstorm's rainbow below:

 Stormy skies with this downdraft looking due east!
 A neat wide-angle perspective!
 I found some flowers here for the foreground and the rainbow as the backdrop...
 One of my favorites!
 A double rainbow and towering cumulus!

That's all for this quick post. I'll post more on my down-time during the summer months. Stay tuned.