Wednesday, October 30, 2013

09/29/13 Morning Fog

The sun rises illuminating a dense fog canopy
on this morning in Peoria, IL 

Last month, I ventured out on a late-September morning to capture some foggy scenes in Peoria, IL. A dense fog canopy swallowed up the area for much of the early morning only to burn-off later in the day. With that being said, I captured a few "worthy" photos from the morning before I went to work. I've added a few of those photos below:

A sunflower on a very foggy morning...
A very foggy scene here!

"Myst in the air"
A sunflower and some early morning dew!
A wide-angle shot as the sun begins to burn-off the fog canopy...

That ends this quick post. Once again I've got more "coming down the pipeline" so to speak in regards to posts. I'll update accordingly when that time comes.