Monday, March 24, 2014

01/22/14 More of Our Pets...

Luigi, one of my parent's cats on a winter morning in Kewanee, IL 

A couple months ago, I ventured home briefly to test out my new camera on some of our other pets. It had been quite a busy and long holiday season at work which meant I didn't have really any opportunities to head back home during that time-period. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to see the family and our pets during the short stay. I've added below some of my favorite shots during the trip back to my hometown of our pets below:

Taser, growing up quite fast...
Luigi, has always been a tough cat to photograph over the years, but I
got a few good one's on this occasion!
Taser, a close-up!
A rather neat portrait!
An aww kind of shot!
Taser is quickly becoming a big cat...
Taser, eager for spring along with the rest of us!
"Looking to the sky"
Another cute shot!
Another cool shot!
Dad, got him his own Chicago Blackhawks jersey!

Our pets always have a large impact on our lives. Don't take them for granted and make sure you enjoy every minute with them as well. I'll be posting some winter photos soon as well. Stay tuned for that update.