Friday, July 10, 2015

07/04/15 4th of July Fireworks: Kewanee, IL

The 4th of July firework display began at 10:00pm on this evening in Kewanee, IL 

On July 4th, I drove to my hometown of Kewanee, IL to observe the firework show at dusk at Northeast Park. Last year, I photographed the Galva, IL firework show, but this year I thought it was time to photograph my hometown's firework display. Once again, I was able to gain up-close access to this show as well arriving fairly early during the evening. By 10:00pm, the show began and I was already set-up with my Canon 5D Mark III, Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8 L lens, and tripod to photograph the event. I shot many photos on yet another successful night of photography. It was rather nice to have a front-row seat to the show! After the show, I headed back to Peoria, IL arriving back home after midnight. I've added several photos I shot on this particular evening below:

"The bombs bursting in the air"
Up, up, and away!
A simple, yet photogenic shot!
For a small town they do put on quite a show...
Neat stuff!
A "warp speed" kind of shot...
I have several favorites, but this one wins my vote on the night!
More fireworks lighting up the sky!
I thought this was a rather interesting shot!
Another neat shot!
Cool stuff!
Our red, white, and blue!
I was able to capture some close-ups to say the least...
Yikes, some fairly low fireworks I'd say...
Quite colorful!
Another good shot!
Getting closer to the end of the show...
I was very pleased with this shot!
More traditional fireworks...
Another favorite from the evening!
It was interesting being able to actually observe the fireworks being lit!
And we are coming to the close...
The Grand Finale' begins!
The Grand Finale' lights up the sky!
Not so fast, after teasing the display was over the real Grand Finale' concludes...

This was another fun night of photography. My only regret on the evening was that I wasn't more prepared for the real Grand Finale' as I would have liked to adjust some settings on my camera, but there's always next year and regardless I'm sure I'll be back to this show at some point in the coming years.